A victim is one who spends the greatest portion of their time living in their past.  A victim defines themselves by their past; their experiences, their hurts (real and imagined) trying to come to grips with the question: why?

As a victim, perhaps the greatest challenge is keeping the pain of the past alive.  A victim fights to keep the pain fresh, and in doing so must constantly be on the lookout for new examples that bolster and justify their pain.  This herculean effort insures there is no energy remaining to heal, to move forward.  And herein lies the cleansing opportunity.

Whatever the original cause of the pain, which was very real, each new day offers an opportunity to recognize that not everyone around them is acting in the same fashion.  Each day there is an opportunity to embody a glimpse of someone behaving in a manner absolutely contrary to the original hurt.  Each day is the opportunity to experience the love that is all around and to begin to heal.  All the victim has to do is allow today to be present in their awareness.  

If you, or someone you know lives as a victim, love them, love you.  Embrace each today using fewer and fewer of the colors with which you have painted the past.  Overcoming victimhood is a process, but it can be done.  Find someone you trust to walk the path with you, and trust yourself as being worthy enough of a joyful today.

Encourage yourself to tell a different story, let yourself re-define you as a work in progress heading to a life of love.   Reading Think, Believe, Receive might just aid in your transformation.

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