Once again I urge you to be aware of what is going on in our country today, but be easy with the events because through this seeming chaos comes change.

As uncomfortable as this time might be we know we are going through a profound time of change, and change is seldom a comfortable experience.  What or who will prevail and determine how we will live for the next period of time depends entirely upon the clarity and determination of those who seek to shape the future.

 Scattered thoughts produce scattered results, that is the power in what is being done from the highest levels of our government today.  If you wish to live in a society where everyone is seen as valuable, a society where we know we are stronger together, a society where hate, racism and fear are rejected and love, oneness and peace are the norm, be clear on your goal.

For those of us who felt we had made great progress over the last couple decades toward an inclusive, supportive, loving society this chaos is a reminder, we left far too many people behind.  Because we are experience chaos we know this is the perfect time to remind those who did not get the message the last time around, that they can still get the message and join us this time around.

If we are to create a way of life that truly honors EVERYONE, regardless of national origin, faith, color or creed, we cannot hate those who are creating this opportunity, we must love them, thank them, and invite them to join us as we ascend limitation.  We will not do this by hating, our actions must still come from love.  Are you up to this?  I hope so.  Namaste.