Don’t be afraid to love

Romance is love, of course.  You may also feel love for your pets, your favorite food, car, vacation spot, your home, your children and siblings; love is all around us, expressing in so many wonderful ways.  What is there to be afraid of?  We may be afraid that displaying love is a sign of weakness.  Of course we know it takes much more strength to display love than to hide it away.

There is an important thing to remember about love, however, that is to love anyone or anything else we must first love ourselves.  Not the narcissistic type of love, but the honest love that stands by us no matter what we do, always accepts us even when we would do well to change our ways.  The kind of love that recognizes love is not earned, withheld or conditional.  Love is, therefore love is.

Too many of us have never experienced this kind of love in our lives, so it can be a challenge to learn to express this love towards ourselves, but it can be done.  Begin today, begin right now.  Find some aspect of yourself worthy of love; your dreams perhaps, your goals, the family situation you desire.  Then feed that aspect with pure, unconditional love.  You will supercharge that aspect.  Then move on to another aspect of your life and do the same.  No one, not one of us, is without some aspect worthy of love, but sometimes it does take a little searching.

If you know someone who wants to get started loving themselves so they can express more love, you can help them with this exercise, get them started and watch what happens; a miracle!

Don’t be afraid to love.  Think love, Believe love, Receive love.

Think Believe Receive