Finding a balance

Put a bunch of Bear Energy people together in one room and it is a beautiful thing; boisterous and physical to be sure, but still a beautiful thing.  Now, put a group of Butterfly Energy people in one room it is also beautiful; chattery and touchy, yet still beautiful.  Now, if you gather both the same Bear and the same Butterfly Energy people in the same room you will find everyone behaves differently.  Butterfly Energy people become more focused, a little quieter.  The Bear Energy people also become a little more focused and a little quieter.  This balance of Energies is what I am writing about in the book Bear and Butterfly.  

The perfect expression of each type of energy changes as it is balanced by the other.    The Butterfly brings more community and cooperation to any situation while the Bear brings a clearer purpose and strength to a situation.  Both energies are perfect on their own, but when combined as  was intended, we discover each raises the other higher.

I will not take up your time here explaining how Bear Energy and Butterfly Energy has little to do with gender, you can read all about it in depth when you read Bear and Butterfly, THE Relationship Handbook, but I will say that when you become aware of both these energies already being within you, the strides you will make to achieving your goals will be multiplied.  You will no longer be working with only a monochrome of your life, you will be accessing a whole rainbow of possibilities.

Relationships are the largest portion of our lives, why would you not want to improve them?