Energy meets energy

I have often made a point in these blogs that we are energy, each of us is energy.  To underscore this idea and perhaps make it a little easier to make part of your life, here is another example of this fact;   You walk into a room feeling just a little off, not necessarily ill, just a smidge off your game when across the room comes someone who is full of energy.  Suddenly your own energy rises and any gunk which might have been on your mind or through your body is gone.  You have just been re-filled by another energy being.

Of course you might also make the choice to shut off that energy from refreshing you.  In that case what you might experience is an irrational dislike for that person coming across the room.  You don’t know exactly why, you simply do not want to be near them.  This does not reflect negatively upon either of you, it is simply a choice; a choice to remain at the vibrational level you have been, even if that level is less than happy.

We constantly exchange information with each other on the vibrational level, and we always have a choice as to how to handle that exchange.  Something to think about here; if you are the one who is full of energy, you are sharing it with others all the time, but you yourself will never be depleted because it is not your energy you are sharing!  It is the energy of the Universe.  The more you allow yourself to be filled to overflowing with that pure love energy, the more of it you can embody; the more you can embody, the more you can share, and so on. 

This process is always subject to your personal choice, because it is all about you!

The Involved Observer