Purpose in all things

I firmly believe there is a power in this Universe which brings us exactly what we ask for.  This, however does not mean what we get is what we thought we wanted.  If I ask for patience, the Universe does not necessarily bliss me out.  It far more likely gives me the opportunity to practice patience.

Last night I told my beautiful bride I wanted spaghetti, knowing full well in my own mind that I also wanted pizza.  In the midst of a large Japanese city where sign reading is a challenge for us we did indeed find exactly what I asked for; spaghetti, dozens of varieties of spaghetti, but no pizza.  The purpose I found in this gift was to remind me if I want pizza with my spaghetti all I have to do is ask and I will be lead to the perfect place.

There is purpose in all things.  Every so called obstacle is simply the opportunity to delve further into what we believe.  If you believe an obstacle is insurmountable, rest assured the lesson behind the obstacle is that it is insurmountable.  If we believe obstacles are opportunities to grow, that is what we do.  If we believe we must have obstacles on the way to our goals, yep, you get obstacles.  If you believe you will be guided, protected and inspired by the Universe to achieve your goal effortlessly and rapidly, that is exactly what you will experience. If you believe that it is only with trial and tribulation you will appreciate what you have, the Universe will supply exactly the degree of trial and tribulation you anticipate.

There is purpose in all things, and the purpose of this message is to get you to look further into working with this process by reading Think Believe Receive.  You will find page after page of tools you can use to shape your own life.

Think Believe Receive