I will be happy when…

The rage we see displayed through the media today; the rage from people of all walks of life makes me think of this simple phrase: I will be happy when…  when what?  When all the Jews are gone?  Then who will we turn on.  When all the people of color are gone?  Then who will we turn on?  When all the neo nazi’s are gone?  Then who will we turn on?  We will never be happy if our happiness depends upon someone else doing or being something else because there is always one more thing that needs changing.

The one thing we can do to be happy, is change our way of thinking about happiness.  Change it from outwardly focused to inwardly focused.  Then and only then will we achieve lasting happiness.  Then and only then will we find lasting, fulfilling and enduring love.  When we learn others are not the source of our success then we can be successful.  When we stop blaming others for what we have  not achieved; when we have stopped finding excuses outside ourselves for what we have not yet accomplished, when we stop believing “stuff” or “status” has anything at all with being happy, then we are truly on the way to experiencing happiness.  Until then all we are doing is play a blame game.  We are portraying ourselves as victims in a victimless Universe.

I will be happy when… I fully and completely accept my personal responsibility for my own thoughts and actions. 

The Involved Observer