Forgiving myself

I am in the process of forgiving myself for not posting three blogs last month.  Over the years I have been pretty good at maintaining that pace of writing, but last week, well, there were airplanes, relationship things to maintain and post vacation fatigue.  As I look at this explanation I realize these were simply […]

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Don’t be afraid to love

Romance is love, of course.  You may also feel love for your pets, your favorite food, car, vacation spot, your home, your children and siblings; love is all around us, expressing in so many wonderful ways.  What is there to be afraid of?  We may be afraid that displaying love is a sign of weakness.

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What is Time?

Flying over the Pacific Ocean from Japan to the US time, at first, goes by quickly, then slows to a veritable crawl.  In the arms of a loved one time does not exist.  When we are on vacation, time whisks by all too quickly, so what is time? Why do we get so sideways about being

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It Always Happens

You plan an adventure vaction.  You get all the fliers for your destination, review all the possibilities for tremendous experiences, the perfect transportation, even the perfect things to pack.  Everything possibility for the most wonderful trip of your life.  Every eventuality you can conceive is planned for.  Hurrah for you!  You have been placing into consciousness

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Gotta Get Away!

I had the delightful experience of going to Maui this past week to meet my lady as she completed her tour of Japan.  Yes, we just wanted to get away, and the beaches, highways and restaurants were filled with others who just wanted to get away.  The winds were busy, showers came almost every day,

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People watching

I simply love watching people as they go about their everyday lives.  When I am on vacation, watching the locals and the other tourists is fascinating, even around my new home seeing how people interact is delightful. My lovely lady friend in Japan was sharing live video of people walking along the street outside her

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Where did the year go?

I bet you will hear that phrase “where did the year go” at least a dozen times this week if you listen.  Where did the year go?  It went where all seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years go; into the past.  This is a perfectly natural process which shows us we are being fully

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