Gotta Get Away!

I had the delightful experience of going to Maui this past week to meet my lady as she completed her tour of Japan.  Yes, we just wanted to get away, and the beaches, highways and restaurants were filled with others who just wanted to get away.  The winds were busy, showers came almost every day, waiting lists for snorkeling, parasailing, and sunset cruises were long, and traffic on the highway was rather slow at times, but what I noticed most is that even though Maui is not an  inexpensive place to get, away some people just had to bring along their problems! As if problems needed to be taken on vacation too!  Now I suppose this would make sense if we were to take our problems on vacation and leave them behind while we were walking along the sunset shore, or perched 10,000 feet in the air on the lip of a volcano, but so many people were not doing that.

Even while my lady and I enjoyed a sunset dinner along the beach we could overhear the same blah, blah, blah about this and that we might hear in a restaurant right here at home.

What do we learn from this?  Do we learn that there is no point in taking a tropical vacation?  No, what we learn is that it does not matter where you are; a sandy beach at sunrise on Maui, or a crowded highway on the way to work; we always have the choice of cuddling our problems and making them comfortable or releasing them no matter where we are.  

The whole point of going away is to find a fresh perspective; to let go of the things which have been weighing on our minds and hearts.  You can have that same experience by simply deciding right now you are going to let it go, whatever “it is.” But if you want a really good referral for a place to stay on Maui….. 

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