It Always Happens

You plan an adventure vaction.  You get all the fliers for your destination, review all the possibilities for tremendous experiences, the perfect transportation, even the perfect things to pack.  Everything possibility for the most wonderful trip of your life.  Every eventuality you can conceive is planned for.  Hurrah for you!  You have been placing into consciousness an experience of pure happiness and joy.  Then you make a very common error; you begin to think that something will go wrong.  You now spend even more time thinking about lost luggage, missed connections, bad weather, intestinal discomfort, the list goes on and on.  No surprise here, what you end up experiencing is lost luggage, missed connections, bad weather, and intestinal discomfort, It Always Happens!

Why is this so? Because your words have power; your thoughts create things and experiences, and the Universe is more than happy to create exactly what you expect to have happen!  It Always Happens.

Start out your day thinking the traffic will be horrible on your route and that is what you experience.  Start out your day knowing your trip will be easy, that is what you experience.  If you believe people will be supportive and loving, guess what; that is what you will experience!  It Always Happens.

We underestimate the power of our thought all to often.  You are a creative individual who, through the cooperation of the Universe, experiences exactly what you expect.  If you ask yourself “why is this happening to me?” remember, it was you who called this experience to you, and with the same inner power you can make it even better (or even worse if you want.)

My Lady and I remind ourselves of this truth each day, sometimes several times a day by joyfully asking How Does It Get Better Than This?  Try it, you might like it!

Think Believe Receive