What is ROK?  It is a Random Act of Kindness!  Well, you might say, my days of being a Boy Scout or a Girl Scout are long past, and this is probably true, but it is no reason to give up acts of kindness.  In fact, those acts are more important for you today than when you were younger.  Doing kind acts for other people is doing kind acts for yourself!  The other people get the benefit, and so do you because when you see kindness in the world, even if it is your kindness, your attention is shifted away from all the gunk around you to the fact that the world is still filled with kind people doing kind things, no matter what TV news would like you to believe.

If you are serious about lifting yourself above the discord which is so easy to see all around you, taking the simple step of helping someone else will truly help in your efforts.  Once again we are drawn to the reminder that where we give our attention grows.  Give you attention to helping someone else; even one person a day and your attention will automatically go to a place of kindness.  This is a truth of Universal proportions.

These acts don’t even have to be helping an old lady across the street; they can be helping someone find their smile, giving someone else the right of way even when it is clearly your turn, holding a shopping cart while someone puts away their groceries, even something random like telling a stranger good morning.  It doesn’t take much effort and you will be making a difference in someone else’s life as well as your own.

Today, take a moment and do a Random Act of Kindness, and you will ROK the world!

The Involved Observer