What would it look like?

If you could create any situation, any invention, any job for yourself, what would it look like?  Would you find yourself traveling, would you create the perfect relationship, the perfect house?  What has been sitting in the back of your mind waiting to come together; the thing you know would turn your life around in the most wonderful way?  Only you can answer that question, but here is what I know about whatever that answer is; If you have thought about it, it can be yours.  You already have the tools and the wherewithal to create exactly what you have envisioned.

If this is true, then why, oh why, has it not come into being?  Because you have spent more time thinking about the things which might get in the way of that creation than you have thinking about how to help it happen.  The good news is that you can begin to turn that thought-block into action by taking the phrase “why has it not come into being” and adding one very powerful word, YET.  Why has it not YET come into being.  What happens when you add that three letter word is that the idea that it can not happen becomes it can happen.  You cannot create if you believe more in “can’t” than you believe in “can.”

Everything begins in mind, our abilities begin in mind, possibility begins in mind, as well as our limitations.  This is not a complicated thought, it is not difficult to implement, it costs nothing to try.

If it hasn’t happened yet, start thinking of how more than you think of why not.

Think Believe Receive