The School of Love

The School of Love is in session, and you are the only student. Set aside all the conflicting definitions of love.  Release the idea that love and romance are synonymous.  Fear of being misunderstood as you stand in love is a distraction from your classwork.   Focus on yourself How do you feel about yourself? […]

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Don’t be afraid to love

Romance is love, of course.  You may also feel love for your pets, your favorite food, car, vacation spot, your home, your children and siblings; love is all around us, expressing in so many wonderful ways.  What is there to be afraid of?  We may be afraid that displaying love is a sign of weakness.

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Restoring the Past

As we look back upon our lives we often think that if we had done this, or done that, our lives would be richer today.  Sometimes we kick ourselves because we did not accept an offer or opportunity, or remain in a relationship.  This is part of the human experience, we like to say, yet

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You know what I mean by romance; life is perfect, all things are possible, the sky is bluer, you are happy, you put your best foot forward all the time.  Ah, romance; what a wonderful place to live.  But romance does not have to be directed at someone else to be wonderful. What if one

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What we say and what we do

Every thing you want is yours for the having.  Everything.  If you want romance and passion, it is yours to experience in the most delightful ways.  If you want a high paying, emotionally filling job, it is waiting for you right now.  If you want to travel and experience the wonders of this wonderful country,

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