What we say and what we do

Every thing you want is yours for the having.  Everything.  If you want romance and passion, it is yours to experience in the most delightful ways.  If you want a high paying, emotionally filling job, it is waiting for you right now.  If you want to travel and experience the wonders of this wonderful country, and the world, guess what; it is yours right now.

So why are you alone, in a dead end job stuck at home?  The reason is there is a difference between what we say we want and what we do!  To have romance and passion in our lives it is not enough to visualize the possibility, it is not enough to find someone who shares our desires,  we must ACT on the possibility, today, and every day.  To have that dream job the resumes must go out, and whatever training might be required for that new position must be undertaken.  If travel is the goal, stop harping on why you cannot travel, and start traveling.

The difference between what we say we want, and what we are willing to do is where our possibility exists.  We may visualize a workplace where everyone works together for the success of the whole, then we sit in our cubicle complaining about how everyone in the office is a backstabber.  How can we work seamlessly with others when we find nothing but fault with them?  Passion and romance bloom easily early in a relationship, but we forget to insure the feeling persists.  Want to travel but think your budget is too small; guess what; your thoughts make certain that is true even though the travel industry offers get-aways for less money than we would spend on a typical weekend at home.

The point here is that it our thoughts which limit us, not the outside world, not the other person, not the office environment.  Thoughts are things; what are your thoughts creating?

The Involved Observer