Our Journey

What is the purpose of life?  Why do we walk this planet?  What is happiness?  Philosophers over the eons have pondered these questions; poets and romantics have filled countless volumes with their thoughts too.  Do you have an answer to these questions you are comfortable about?  The reason I ask is because it is my belief that each of these questions is answered with the same explanation; it is all about the journey.  

Our journey is not about how quickly we get from point A to point B, our journey is what we experience in between those points.  Our journey is not about how much stuff we can amass along the way. Our journey is to find out who we are and come to terms with who we truly are (which definitions are not always the same.)

Your journey and my journey cannot, by definition be exactly the same.  Your journey and your children’s journey cannot, by definition, be exactly the same.  When we look at other people and make the determination their lives are wasted, we are trying to define the value of another persons journey based upon our own experience.  The Bible and most other spiritual texts remind us “judge not least you be judged.”  I have no idea what is going on in your mind; what is important to your life, where you want to be, nor how you got to where you are, so who am I to  establish a value about your journey?

The journey I have taken to get where I am would not look like a straight line to anyone including myself, yet I look back at those things which look like detours and realize how important those detours were to being where I am sitting right now.  As you look back over your own life experiences, can you see your own detours and recognize how important they were to you on your journey?

The Involved Observer