I want more

If you want more in and from your life the first thing you must do is to express your gratitude for what you already have, no matter how humble what you have may seem.  If you find yourself complaining that you do not have a new car, stop and give thanks that until now you […]

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Fighting against

Which approach do you think is the most effective– fighting against something, or fighting for something?  You might be surprised to discover that the most powerful position we can take is to fight for something if we have to fight at all. Let’s take a specific example; if I choose to fight against a woman’s

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Ritual and Pageantry

For many years I was the guy who scoffed at ritual. I had no use for those practices which required participants to dress a certain way or assemble in a certain manner.  Fortunately I have lived long enough to outgrow this resistance.  What about you? Through my travels I have witnessed the power which comes from

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What is your resistance?

Want to see resistance pop up around you very quickly? Introduce change to your workplace. When what we believe comes up against a new way of believing, or just a new way of being, resistance is a very common result.  And it is not restricted to our workplace; resistance comes about with the PTA, the

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Track your progress

Want to supercharge your life?  Keep track of your progress. We often loose sight of the things we have accomplished because there is no record of what we have done along the way to remind us of those accomplishments.  This lack of reminders can lead us to believe we live each day for no real

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The Whirlwind

Everyday, life offers us so many opportunities to get distracted from what is truly important in our lives.  The busyness of our work, the demands of supporting our families, those things which come up which affect us emotionally, even our concern about how our bodies look can become part of the whirlwind.  Ironically we do

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Resistance meets resistance

  When resistance to hearing or changing meets resistance to hearing or changing there can be only one result: conflict.  Sometimes that resistance sounds to our inner dialog as simply attempting to get our very correct position understood.  Regardless of the motivation, the more we press our point, the more often we repeat our position,

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