Greed is bad.  We have been taught to think that all our lives, but what is greed to me may not be greed to you.  Greed is a judgement call at best.  It is what you believe. For some people greed is having more money than they do.  Many people consider it greedy if another […]

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What is your limitation?

I don’t have any limitations, you say.  I am unlimited in all things.  Yes, yes you are unlimited in all things, and when we get to the point in our evolution where we have embodied this truth to the fullest extent possible we will indeed have not limitations.  Right now, however, no matter how evolved

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Making Resolutions

New Years Eve! Isn’t it interesting we use the word “resolution” for both completing something, and also for setting intentions for the future?   If you are someone who reserves December 31 of each year to set your resolutions for the next year, as many do, consider this: If your resolution is to stop doing

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