Making Resolutions

New Years Eve! Isn’t it interesting we use the word “resolution” for both completing something, and also for setting intentions for the future?  

If you are someone who reserves December 31 of each year to set your resolutions for the next year, as many do, consider this: If your resolution is to stop doing something (like over eating or biting your fingernails) you must also set an intention, a resolution, to begin doing something at the same time.  When we focus on the negative aspect of an action, rather than releasing that action, we actually put more mental energy behind doing the action we don’t want; we work against ourselves.

If you choose to make a New Year resolution today, consider framing it in terms of a positive in your life and allow your mental energy to work with your towards your goal.  If the resolution is, for instance, to stop over eating, you might have more success if you instead resolve to eat only what is good for you.  If you are resolving to stop biting your nails, the more powerful choice of resolution would be to adopt habits which help you feel better about yourself.

Your words have power when spoken to others. Your words have even more power when spoken they are spoken to yourself.  The words we speak to others last seconds; the words we speak to ourselves last a lifetime, so choose words and thoughts which build you up rather than words which limit you, or tear you down.

I invite you to remember; anything about yourself you wish to change does not have to await December 31, every day is new years day when we resolve to do better.

My New Years wish for you is the best year you can imagine, and even more.

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