Those rose colored glasses

I like to think of myself as a pretty positive guy.  When situations arise which are uncomfortable or not what I thought I would like to see or experience in my life I do tend to look for the bright side.  Some would say I wear rose colored glasses.  This is usually not said as a complement, but I get to what I will take as a complement and what I will take as derisive, so I take it in a positive light.

A friend of mine recently sent me a photo of a sunset which was made more beautiful by the presence of rain clouds.  It reminded me that it is very easy to say “this is good, and this is bad” without taking the time to realize the exact same things might be considered good or they might be considered bad.  Rain clouds bad, the rain they produce, good.  Rain bad, rain necessary.

There are many “old sayings” about this concept such as “every cloud has a silver lining”.  Why is this so?  Because somewhere in our DNA we know for one thing to appear, another must disappear. For a bad habit to be broken a good habit must take its place.  For a rainbow to appear, rain must fall.  We do not have to suffer pain to appreciate being pain free, but admit it, we do appreciate being rid of a cold when it is gone.

This is another new year.  You have the choice: do you want to live this year wearing dark glasses all the time, or is this the year you decide to try breaking out those rose colored glasses more than you ever have?  Join me and look for the good in all which occurs, even if it does not seem to be  obvious right away.  I dare ya!   

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