The Power of Uncertainty

I know lots of people who want to know exactly how the next step of any project, or life event, will play out.  These folks love making charts, lists, and outlines.  Bless their hearts, if this is how you do your life and it works for you, carry on.

I enjoy embracing uncertainty. In fact I find there is a tremendous power in embracing uncertainty in my exploits.  In uncertainty I have a vision of what I wish to create, I have an idea of how I might achieve that goal, and I have an idea of what it might look like when complete, beyond that I allow myself to be open.  The Power of Uncertainty lets me at once enter a project, and still not be exactly certain what might appear as the project unfolds.  Through uncertainty I feel I am more open to the arrival of new ideas, more open to creative input and more able to alter my plan of action. In uncertainty I am not shaken when things do not unfold as I originally thought they might unfold.  I am open to new people being drawn to my attention, new people with new ideas which may make my endevor easier, faster and more efficient.

I guess this makes me a risk-taker.  If this is so, bring it on!  Those times I have insisted I fully understand exactly how a project must unfold, insist all the pieces be in place before I move forward, projects have not often moved forward at all.

If you have been a step-by-step person, I invite you to sample the “dark side” and just once step out there on the skinny branches.  You are supported by the Universe in all your projects, so learn to trust that wonderful things are happening to support you all the time.  If you have been like me, an embracer of uncertainty, you know what I am talking about, ain’t it fun?

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