Over the years I have seen so many buzz phrases come along, then go along.  When The Secret came out millions of people bought the book, gave it a quick read, decided they understood and went to the casino saying “I want my money.” Thing is, they did not take time to understand the message in the book, only the “give me” idea. So very few people today brag about reading that wonderful book.

Here we are again! Right now the term “Mindfulness” is very hot, the phrase of the day, but I have to ask myself: how many people who are mouthing mindfulness actually practice the concept?

What this blog is about, and has been about from the beginning, is exactly what mindfulness is about; recognizing that we are in control of our actions, our responses, our joy, our unhappiness, our entire thinking process.  We are not in control of anyone else or their  thinking processes.  It is being aware of these two truths which leads to a path of real contentment, real success in our lives.  When we become  AWAKE to what we are thinking, AWAKE to what we want and why, we find an expansion of peace in our lives to the point where we can accomplish anything. This is result of Mindfulness!

But as with The Secret, this is not a one-time-through thing.  To alter the default method of thinking we have been using until now does not happen overnight.  Like any new way of thinking it takes practice, attention and a commitment to try, a willingness to fall short of the goal, then pick ourselves up and try again and again until we no longer think the way we have been taught we should think, but we think the way only the perfect you can think.

If you are interested in reading about this concept in a gentle, clear way, I invite you to read my first book Think, Believe, Receive, three steps to an amazing life.  But if you do read it, please do more than just read, take the time to practice mindfulness.

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