I want it MY way

Hey, it worked for Frank Sinatra, didn’t it?  Seriously though, I really do want it my way; I want the computer to work the way I want it to work, I want my driving to be my way, I want my relationships to work the way I want them to, and so on and so on.  Now, how do I get all these things to fall into place, or do I just give up and reconcile myself to doing things the way others want things done?

I have good news for you, you can have it all your way!  This is another of those mind things we can do with ourselves about each and every issue.  If the computer does not work the way I think it should work, (and there is nothing wrong with the computer, )I can change my thinking about what seems to not be working,(meaning I can release my anger at what is not going right) and at the same time I can open myself to learning what might work.  If my relationships are not working the way I think they might, it probably isn’t the relationship,  it is most likely how I am thinking about that relationship, what my expectations are around it. I want to drive without other drivers bugging me, so since I cannot change those other drivers, I can at least change how I think about them.

When I say I want it my way, I think what I am saying is that I want to be at peace with how things are going, and the only place that can begin to happen is within my own thinking. We either take control of our own thoughts and have it our way, or we spend our lives feeling as though we are imprisoned by the world.

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