Paranoia will destroy ya

For the past few weeks it seems every newscast included some mention of a movie which was to be released on Christmas.  Sony Pictures computers were supposedly hacked; e-mails leaked, threats made, and on and on.  At first the blame was laid at the door of North Korea, prompting some people to demand retaliation.  Then we heard from other “experts” that China might have done the deed; and maybe it was time to do something about those guys too.  But wait, maybe it was a former Sony employee who had done this type of thing before. The “experts” even gave her name. Recently I heard the hacker may not have been an outside person at all; Sony might have done it themselves to prop up an marginal movie, or perhaps break the strangle hold the theater chains have around distribution.

You see, it doesn’t matter which, if any, of these scenarios are true.  In every case someone had some type of motivation behind their accusations.  Be certain their motivations had nothing to do with your happiness, your safety, or even the truth.  Their motivation was to generate fear within you so you would react in a manner which would further their goals.

Your fear would work to their benefit if you allowed it to do so.  Your paranoia will destroy you IF you allow someone else to control how you think.  Choiceful Living addresses this question through our programs; we encourage you to evaluate what you deem truth, and IN-powers you to see, hear and recognize attempted manipulation of your thoughts,  gives you the opportunity to evaluate input clearly, to lift you above hysteria into conscious thought.  

When you are selecting a speaker for your next conference please consider Choiceful Living Seminars, and IN-power your people to act from their own clear power!

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