An example to the world

When it comes right down to it, most of us do not think we are an example to the world.  We probably don’t even think we are an example to our neighborhood.  But you are! How you shine. It doesn’t matter how many people you actually meet each day.  You may meet dozens, or hundreds, […]

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Going with the flow

Going with the flow does not necessarily mean accepting anything other than what you want.  It does not mean letting others walk all over you either.  What going with the flow means most often is finding the blessing within any experience. How do we balance these thoughts? How do we still get the things we

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Energy meets energy

I have often made a point in these blogs that we are energy, each of us is energy.  To underscore this idea and perhaps make it a little easier to make part of your life, here is another example of this fact;   You walk into a room feeling just a little off, not necessarily

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Relationship relief

When I was given the assignment to write Bear and Butterfly, THE relationship handbook by Ascended Master Ashtar I wondered what in the world I could add to the myriad of thoughts and words already published on the subject of relationships.  Haven’t we seen and heard all there is to say already?  I thought so,

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“I have done everything I can to achieve my goal” is what many of us say everyday, and yet we have not reached our goal yet.  Why is that? A couple of days ago I was privileged to view the remains of a Buddhist Monk who had a goal; to relieve the world of pain

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