“I have done everything I can to achieve my goal” is what many of us say everyday, and yet we have not reached our goal yet.  Why is that?

A couple of days ago I was privileged to view the remains of a Buddhist Monk who had a goal; to relieve the world of pain and suffering.  In that process this monk had blinded himself because there was so much blindness around him he thought his actions would help others; he secluded himself and prayed on his worlds issues to remove the issues, and in the end he chose to self-mummify himself so that he could demonstrate that life is a continuing process, not one limited to the earth plane.  To mummify himself, at age 97, he began consuming huge amounts of salt, and near the end of the process he actually began consuming lacquer to preserve his physical body.  Then he had himself buried in an underground chamber with only a bamboo tube for air.  Each day he would ring a small bell to let the other monks know he still lived.  After the last ring of the bell was heard, the monks waited another 100 days before exhuming the remains.  What they found was a perfectly preserved mummy which is still on display in Yamagata Prefecture in Japan.  He is one of a score of examples of this commitment to a goal.

I am certainly not suggesting self-mumification as a path to achieving your goals, but to me this dedication was a perfect example that when I think I have done everything I can to achieve my goal and it has yet to arrive, perhaps there is another step I can take if I am truly committed to having what I say I want.

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