Going with the flow

Going with the flow does not necessarily mean accepting anything other than what you want.  It does not mean letting others walk all over you either.  What going with the flow means most often is finding the blessing within any experience.

How do we balance these thoughts?

How do we still get the things we deserve without being a door mat to the world?  It is all a matter of how we think.  Case in point.  My beautiful bride Terrie Symons and I were on Maui just before Christmas.  Visions of sun-drenched beaches and poolside relaxation danced in our heads.  What we experienced was a very rare weather cycle, steady rain for over 36 hours.  We were hold-up in our room because virtually all the local businesses had closed.  Some closed because the employees could not get to work, others due to power outages.

At this point we had two choices; anger or acceptance.  Anger would be futile, because the weather did not care.  Acceptance was our choice which paid dividends.  Rather than bemoan the lack of sunshine and shopping, we took time to look more closely at how others were being effected.  Much to our delight we discovered that because of the rain, we felt like Maui was all ours!  No endless parade of fish-belly white tourists blocked our view of the beach.  We could stroll the pathways without dodging hundreds of other people.  Even the hotel itself was quiet so we could easily make reservations to explore the island after the rain.  Anger would have ruined our time together and we still would not be having fun.  My bride travels for months on end in Japan as Lady Ashtar, so our reunion after three months was precious.  Our happiness came down to how we would think.  Would our thinking be about lack and limitation, or would out thinking be about opportunity?  We found the balance.

Finding a balance.

We found our balance in recognizing some things are simply beyond our control.  Rain put a damper on our plans, but it also offered us the opportunity to see the world differently.  Isn’t this one of the wonderful things about travel?  Seeing things differently?  When your plans are changed by outside forces, finding the balance means adjusting our expectations.  There is beauty and opportunity everywhere if we are willing to go with the flow.

More about Lady Ashtar.

This remarkable woman I am honored to call my wife has an amazing background.  Her pathway to world-wide acclaim is a perfect example of going with the flow.  I invite you to read about here journey in my book The Lady Ashtar Story.  Read a sample, then order a copy for yourself by clicking the cover below.