Relationship relief

When I was given the assignment to write Bear and Butterfly, THE relationship handbook by Ascended Master Ashtar I wondered what in the world I could add to the myriad of thoughts and words already published on the subject of relationships.  Haven’t we seen and heard all there is to say already?  I thought so, but the more people I encounter who have read this book, the more I understand that relationships are the most important aspect of our lives, and we have an inner drive to find ways to make them more effective.

Let me give you an example of how people have been learning from this book: when there is a disagreement about how to accomplish something, very often both parties will be seeking to accomplish the exact same goal, they are simply speaking from different vibrations, or points of view.  Given the quick and easy shorthand of Bear Energy–for those who are goal driven, and Butterfly Energy–for those who are driven by the desire to build community, we can each have our own way, both be successful.  Once we understand there is no difference in what we are trying to achieve we find the most effective path is not Bear nor Butterfly, it is through a merging of these energies where the job gets done, and more people are included.

This is only one of the examples of how people, right now, are living a fuller, more satisfying and productive life once they come to understand how other people are thinking.  Relationships are our most important tool, find ways to improve your tool kit through Bear and Butterfly, available on Amazon right now.