It’s Greek to me!

Communication between individuals, regardless of gender, can be one of the most challenging aspects of our lives.  Ofen well-intended words can be mis-intreperted and result in anger or hurt feelings.  What can we do about this?

Often the reason our words are not heard is that we are speaking from different energies; I refer to them as Bear Energy and Butterfly Energy.  These energies have nothing to do with gender, they are simply definitions of how words are used.  In the book Bear and Butterfly I explore these communication styles; how to recognize when they are coming at you, and when you are using them too.  Learning to hear what others are saying and what they want in return is a key to dealing effectively with others.  I have subtitled this book “THE Relationship Handbook” simply because we are in a relationship with everyone with whom we interact.  Can you see having better relationships throughout your life?

My beautiful Butterfly and I have gotten past so many everyday hurdles by learning to hear how the other is communicating.  Sometimes I am the Butterfly, sometimes she is the Bear, but when we understand the root communication style we can adapt and minimize the tendency to “listen past” each other, to truly hear what and how information is coming to us.

Should I want to gain cooperation from others, I have to be able to recognize and employ the most effective way to approach them so they can hear me.

It isn’t really all that complicated, it is simply a matter of educating yourself, and Bear and Butterfly is a fun, easy way to get that education.  Go to and look in the book section, then supercharge your life by getting a copy of Bear and Butterfly, THE Relationship Handbook.  Or, it can be all Greek to you too!