We spend huge amounts of energy trying to avoid showing or feeling emotions.  In doing this we deprive ourselves of a huge amount of joy in our lives. Emotions are not bad Despite what we have been taught, experiencing an emotion is not a bad thing.  Emotions are part of our being.  They are there […]

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Are we going to continue to observe Columbus Day with all the controversy surrounding the new views about Christopher?  Will the Electoral College go away? Is it right for sports figures to express themselves?  These  and other controversies swirl around us these days: Gun control, the President, plaid or stripes, seems like everyday we have

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It is one of the most basic of all communication truths; Information is Power.  One of the challenges we have in today’s world is that we are bombarded with information, some of this information is true, some questionable, and some of that information is outright false.  In this bombardment of information it is quite easy

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Beyond words

I spend a far amount of time in these blogs writing about Love, how Love is the only true power, how Love will overcome all, I guess to some people there is a question about what I mean by love.  Love transcends all things, even in the human brain.  This has nothing to do with

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Messages of Love

Is there anything more wonderful in our lives than love?  Is there anything more difficult in our lives than love?  Love is one of the most difficult of emotions/experiences we humans have, for the simple reason that we tend to overthink the whole thing and miss the point. Love can be an experience; by this

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The Assumption

Here is my story: last night I met a woman who knocked me off my feet, my head was spinning, I could not catch my breath. Now, quickly; think about my story.  Is it about me meeting a beautiful woman and falling in love at first sight?  Could be. Perhaps your first thought was that

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