The Assumption

Here is my story: last night I met a woman who knocked me off my feet, my head was spinning, I could not catch my breath.

Now, quickly; think about my story.  Is it about me meeting a beautiful woman and falling in love at first sight?  Could be. Perhaps your first thought was that I was mugged, knocked over the head and punched in the stomach.  Either assumption could be true based upon the story I gave you.  The interpretation is purely based upon your experience.  If some time in the recent past you had an experience of falling in love, then it is most likely your assumption would be that I fell in love.  If, on the other hand you have recently been mugged, you might have gone for the second interpretation.

Why am I putting you through this mental gymnastic?  Because it is essential to  the IN-powered experience that we be aware of how we think, what we are thinking, and then make certain what we express clearly says what we mean to convey.  

This afternoon I read a Facebook post, made an assumption about it’s meaning, spent the rest of the day and most of the evening thinking one thing, having an emotional reaction to that meaning.  Then late in the evening it came to me; it is possible that the intent of that message was 180 degrees off my initial thought and my emotional reaction was totally off the mark. Either of my interpretations could be correct (or truth be told both could be incorrect.) 

In this day and age of instant, world-wide communication being clear in your intent is important, more important than ever. Make certain what you want to convey is not cloaked in the mists, not left to reading between the lines because your audience, even the audience you were not targeting is going to make their own assumptions.

The Involved Observer