It is one of the most basic of all communication truths; Information is Power.  One of the challenges we have in today’s world is that we are bombarded with information, some of this information is true, some questionable, and some of that information is outright false.  In this bombardment of information it is quite easy to get caught up in a cyclone of emotion, just as those who feed us this information want us to do.  For some people the only recourse is to quit watching any news at all.  This head-in-the-sand approach to information is very limiting and can be dangerous as well.  What is the solution?  Listen, read or watch the news as much as you want, but always remember; news is information only, not for our emotional investment.  There is no way you or I could verify the truth of most of the material being fed us so when we find ourselves getting emotionally torn by what we see we must take an observer position about what we are being told.

In the book It’s All About Me I introduce a process I call The Involved Observer which might help you take in information without getting yourself all tied up in knots about what you hear.  Those in the media who want to manipulate us through fear and innuendo really do not want us to step back and weigh what they are saying.  In the clear light of day, free from emotion, so much of what is printed or broadcast simply does not hold any credibility, but as long as we play the game and bounce from fear to fear we are not in control of our lives, rather than being IN-Powered by information, we become dis-inpowered.  

Get yourself a copy of It’s All About Me and become the Involved Observer.

The Involved Observer