Different Languages

Men and Women do not actually speak different languages, what is different is how the message of that language is delivered.  Working with different communication styles has been the journey I have been on while writing Bear and Butterfly, and I really want to share what I have learned with you.

In Bear and Butterfly I break down the different styles of communication into the Butterfly style of communication and the Bear style of communication.  Before we jump to the conclusion that these styles have anything to do with gender I want to make it clear that we all have Butterfly Energy and we all have Bear Energy within us, so crossing the boundaries is not as formidable as you might think.  In fact, once we begin to understand the power in each style of communication we actually find ourselves more powerful.  Once we understand that these energies are present within us and how to tap into them we can consciously choose to step into the most powerful communication method for each individual situation.

 Attempting to communicate with a Bear from a Butterfly Energy is difficult.  Bear Energy wants to hear what Butterfly Energy is saying but does not necessarily recognize it has  the tools to listen effectively.

The most powerful position we can be in is that place when our energies are balanced.  We can call on the Bear Energy to push through situations or we can call on the Butterfly Energy to create community.  I invite you to experience for yourself  the power we can call upon to make our lives and our relationships even better.  Read Bear and Butterfly, now available on Amazon books.