Starting at the Top

As we set our intentions for what we want to be, do and have being clear is essential; clear to the point of actually envisioning ourselves doing, being or having.  But it is not enough to vision our dreams and dream of ourselves in that place, there are also steps to take to actually being there.  Many people around us offer us ladders to the achievement of what we want, still too often we want to be on the top step of that ladder without placing our feet on the rungs which lead to the top step.

These rungs often will appear to be sideway steps, sometimes they will seem to be beneath us and our lofty goals, but unless we experience these steps we will have difficulty reaching the top step and if we somehow reach that top step we will find we do not have the proper footing to remain there.  I know this can be frustrating, I have been there myself.  I know the impatience of reaching the top, heck I am still experiencing that frustration!  But the truth remains; baby steps make up our journey, and each step is part of our growth.

This applies to Spiritual growth, career growth, relationship growth, athletic growth, every type of growth.  It is the journey that is important because the journey is what prepares us to be on the top step of the ladder.  Counseling someone who is raring to go right now to be patient and methodical as they grow is advice that has been given for eons, and it is still true.  If all you want to do is climb an eight foot ladder, jump ahead.  If what you want to do is climb a ladder beyond the stars, take time for each step and don’t try to skip over any of them.

Think Believe Receive