It’s OK

It’s OK to feel sad, it’s OK to feel happy.  It’s OK to doubt ourselves, It’s OK to walk in absolute confidence.  Way too often in the world of positive thinking we get the idea that when we inevitably find ourselves feeling out of sorts that we are doing something wrong.  This is simply not true!  Hiding from the perfectly natural ebb and flow of our emotions is an act of futility.  Emotions are part of the human experience, an essential part of the human experience, so to deny that we feel sad, or attempt to play-down our feelings of joy is rather like plugging up a drain in our homes; sooner or later the sink will overflow leaving a mess behind.

We as humans are quiet with a full range of emotions for a reason.  Emotions help us understand what we are experiencing,  they call our attention to our thought processes.  As we know; what we think shows up in our bodies and our emotions, so without the blessings of emotions we could easily find ourselves climbing into a series of thoughts which could be harmful to us in the long-run.

Again, it’s OK to feel sad sometimes, just as it is OK to feel happy.  What we are seeking is a balance in our lives.  In my book It’s All About Me I actually have graphs which show how we can experience sadness and happiness and all the rest of our emotions while raising our lows to the point where what we think of as low is happier than our previous happiness as we develop the Involved Observer process in our lives.  I would really like you to find more joy in your life, but not at the expense of living a life of denial.  Check out It’s All About Me and see what you think.

The Involved Observer