Change your life?

In what ways do you dream of making a change in your life?  Is this year of 2018 going to be another year of the same-old-same-old?  When 2018 comes to its conclusion will you find yourself with the same unfulfilled dreams?  Will another list of resolutions end up on the trash pile?  Or, is this […]

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Industry of Fear

Advertising, movies, television, politics, big pharma and insurance companies are all examples of the Industry of Fear.  Those institutions and activities which have one driving force; to scare us into doing something they want. Education, housing, science, art and social responsibility are areas which do just the opposite; they are Industries of Possibility.  No wonder

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Call Me Anything

A little less than a week ago we celebrated what many refer to as Easter Sunday.  for some this was a day of reflection of their spiritual truths, their spiritual roots; for some it was a reason for feasting or an extra day off, many of those in school got a week off, even though

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Living small

There are many people around us who would prefer if we lived our lives quietly, not rocking their boat, not allowing ourselves to be who we are.  These folks are full of “kindly” advice about how we should live, think and do.  We bless these people and move around them because living small is not

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