Almost twenty years ago on the Seinfeld show Frank Costanza demanded “Serenity Now!”  The  quest for serenity is not new, and most of us have found it in one form or another along the way.  Moments of serenity may seem to require a great deal of planning, but they don’t! Finding “it” On a recent […]

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Sometimes the path ends

Sometimes you are zipping through life and the path ends.   All the things that seemed to be going so well suddenly seem to be difficult.  You are think you are alone. This happens everyday. Why the path seems to end. I was walking a labyrinth today, enjoying the bliss of meditation when I came

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Purpose in all things

I firmly believe there is a power in this Universe which brings us exactly what we ask for.  This, however does not mean what we get is what we thought we wanted.  If I ask for patience, the Universe does not necessarily bliss me out.  It far more likely gives me the opportunity to practice

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Feel the power

Sunday afternoon, instead of writing to you I spent the time with my Communications Director for Choiceful Living Seminars, Elaine, doing the final touches on my forthcoming book “It’s All about Me.” When I say “feel the power” I am thinking of that moment when we pressed the button to upload the book to the publisher.

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