Almost twenty years ago on the Seinfeld show Frank Costanza demanded “Serenity Now!”  The  quest for serenity is not new, and most of us have found it in one form or another along the way.  Moments of serenity may seem to require a great deal of planning, but they don’t!

Finding “it”

On a recent trip to Oregon to take care of some business I found myself with an hour or two of un-designated time.  I was ahead of schedule for my flight so I decided to follow my beautiful bride’s suggestion (always a good idea) and stop in Oregon City.  I did not even know I was seeking serenity, and honestly what I found did not jump up and say “You found it!  I checked-into the visitors center, visited the falls along the Willamette river, that sort of tourist thing.  It never entered mind mind that I was anything other than serene and peaceful.  Then, on a whim, I visited the fishing docks right down on the river to watch anglers attempt to catch something.  

Finally I got back in the car and headed for the airport figuring I had simply added one more delightful experience to my life.  That was when I discovered I had found serenity.

Not a place

What became clear to me as I drove along the freeway is that serenity is not a place, it is really not a goal either.  What it is, is a way of being.  At the moment we discover within ourselves peace, we are experiencing serenity.  How long it will last is up to you.  How often it must be re-discovered is up to you.  There is no “place” that is serene.  One might find this bliss in the midst of New York City, or in a  cornfield in Nebraska just as perfectly.  Even better, there are no rules to experiencing bliss.  You may be active or sedentary; excited or peaceful.  More than anything, serenity is being at one with all there is.

A guidebook

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