When we submit to the seduction of the thing we no are longer acting on our own behalf, instead we become slaves to the thing.

What is the thing?

The thing can be a political party.  It can be big business.  Even religion can be the thing.  At the point at which we stop remembering the why we were attracted to the thing, and begin living for the thing, we have become seduced.  No longer do we recall the ideal of what we were seeking.  What we adopt and become is what the thing wants us to seek.  The thing operates through manipulating our fears.  It begins by the seduction that it has the answers we seek, then flips those answers into making us afraid.  No longer are we living in our original ideals, we are living in defense of the goals of the thing.  Let me repeat this essential thought.  We cease living our own ideals and begin living in defense of the thing.  No matter how far-fetched that defense becomes we stick by it.  The seduction is complete.

Undoing the manipulation

Through the Involved Observer process I highlight in my book It’s All About Me, we can become aware of both the manipulation, and our attraction to the manipulation.    Once we examine the why behind our actions we can decide if that action truly supports what we want.  After this examination we may indeed decide we are on the right track.  We may also decide that only a small portion of the thing’s agenda serve us.  At this point we can make a conscious and informed decision about our future actions.  This is living in our own truth.  This is standing in our own power.

Standing in our own power

When we live according to someone else’s ideals we are saying we are not worthy.  We give up our defining difference between the beasts of the field and our place as human beings.  No longer are we masters of our own lives, we become place-holders on the planet.  This is not what we were meant to do.  Our mission is to live in a fully conscious state.

Read It’s All About Me, and decide for yourself.  Click on the cover below for the link.

The Involved Observer