Feel the power

Sunday afternoon, instead of writing to you I spent the time with my Communications Director for Choiceful Living Seminars, Elaine, doing the final touches on my forthcoming book “It’s All about Me.” When I say “feel the power” I am thinking of that moment when we pressed the button to upload the book to the publisher.  All at once all the time,creativity, knowledge, and devotion to this project came into focus so brilliantly we both found ourselves catching our breaths.

This is what happens when we allow the full power of our intuition, the Universe, come into fruition.  We KNOW when it is right.  Do you get to enjoy this feeling in your work?  I hope so, it is the reward in itself.  I guess this is what is meant when we hear “follow your bliss.”  Following our bliss does not mean just strolling through life without purpose.  It means for us to go inside, find what motivates us, what excites us, and then infuse our vocations with that joy.  

If we allow our “jobs” to define us we will inevitably find ourselves frustrated, sad, angry and on and on.  If your passion is mountain climbing, ask yourself what about mountain climbing turns you on?  Find this key factor, bring it to what you do for a living, and watch your joy soar.  

The key to our happiness does not lie in what we do, but who we see ourselves to be.Choiceful Living Seminars more info