Worry, worry, worry

We worry, oh yes we do!  What will others think, what will others do, what will I do, what if this doesn’t work!  One the things we as humans do best is to worry.  Some people actually define their lives by how much worry they do.  If they do not do enough, they feel they […]

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The Collective Consciousness

Step aside those who think their thoughts are their own, you have entered the realm of the Collective Consciousness. What? I want to offer a couple examples of times you may have experienced how consciousness travels beyond the individual.  Have you ever attended a party that was dull as can be, then someone walks in

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Product of the past

We are all products of our past, no matter how much we want to overcome our past, even our attempts to overcome our past defines us.  Every experience we have ever had, even those we did not necessarily experience, but just heard about, are part of our beings today.  This is something we cannot get

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For the past three days my Lady and I have been in Delhi, India.  As you might expect there is so much to see, so much to do and a veritable avalanche of input in this ancient city.  One thing we have had to deal with is coming to terms with this totally different environment.  Poverty,

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Well, how did you do?  Did you fret your taxes for months, wait until the last minute to file, and now are you beginning a new cycle of fret in case you are audited by the IRS? If you, like I, did indeed do some fretting about filing your taxes, this is a great time

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Anxiety as our friend

When we are feeling anxious about something we can look upon that anxiousness as a friend because that anxiousness is inviting us to look at what is going on in our lives.  This is especially true when that anxious feeling is non-specific. You know what I am talking about; that low grade unease in the

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