Putting it all together

Life is like a picture puzzle.  We have a bunch of pieces in front of us, but no picture of what the whole puzzle should look like.  Piece by piece we assemble the pieces we have until they are all in place.  This is a cause for celebration!  We finally have it all together. Then […]

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Shells in Time

We may be walking around experiencing life, but that does not mean we are living life.  Many people are simply Shells in Time, taking meaning from other peoples lives, letting the beliefs of others define who and what they are.  Living, but not alive.  Choicefull Living Seminars is committed to helping us out of this limbo of life;

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Let’s Celebrate!

By the power vested in me by the Universe I hereby declare this day to be the day of YOU!!!!  Let’s Celebrate!! Why do we wait around for a special occasion to celebrate?  Each and every day is a cause for celebration, heck, each and every moment is a cause for celebration!  Each moment of

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