Putting it all together

Life is like a picture puzzle.  We have a bunch of pieces in front of us, but no picture of what the whole puzzle should look like.  Piece by piece we assemble the pieces we have until they are all in place.  This is a cause for celebration!  We finally have it all together. Then we realize the outside of the puzzle is uneven, the image we have before us is clearly incomplete, so we begin looking around for the rest of the pieces.  If we are diligent in our search, we find that a whole bunch of new pieces have appeared.  Once again we begin the process of assembling those pieces.  Now the image has expanded again and we are very happy with ourselves.  Until we step back and notice, once again, that the new pieces did not complete the entire picture either. 

Does it ever end?

At each level of completion we believe we have the entire picture assembled.  Some of us stop growing at that point.  It is only those who understand that as long as we are alive more pieces to the puzzle must exist because life is an ever-expanding image.  

My Mastermind sessions with my good friend Reverend Terry Hall have made this abundantly evident to me.  I find myself amazed at how I have missed the connection between the pieces of life and spiritual development that are already in front of me.  I often find myself being amazed at the connections I have missed that were already in front of me.  This is, at the same time, both frustrating and exciting because I am constantly reminded that growth is a process, so no matter how deep my understanding today, it can grow deeper tomorrow.

The short answer to the question is: no, it never ends; isn’t that cool!  Read Think Believe Receive and see what pieces to the puzzle of life you have overlooked.