You can only be you

Stop for a moment and consider how you have been trained- yes trained just as we domesticate a pet- to be who and what other people want us to be.  Our very first training begins with wanting to please mommy or daddy who are the source of our food and safety.  Then we expand into wanting to please our teachers, our church leaders, our coaches, then we discover we want to please our girlfriend or boyfriend, soon we want to please our bosses.  Somewhere along the line we completely forget we have been trained to please and that becomes our basis for living; to please others.  This makes it easier to be in society to the point that if we decide not to please someone we are labeled anti-social or difficult, but it takes its toll on us.

What happened to being willing to please ourselves?  The problem is that within us, no matter how much we have been trained, there is a person who knows we are indeed worthy of being pleased; pleased by ourselves.  This part of us calls to us to let it out, to be active as the perfect beings we are.  Our true selves get buried under layer after layer of other people.  Too much debris and we die by suffocation.

We can turn the tables on this training and regain the joy of who we are and what we have to offer others.  In my book It’s All About Me we explore ways to find who we really are, what brings us joy, and learn to stop behaving in ways which are self destructive. I invite you to take a journey inward to the place in you which is calling out for your attention and love.

The Involved Observer