Create Community

Humans are social creatures.  We value community in so many forms. We join churches, fraternal organizations, clubs and groups by the score, That is just the way we are, however have you ever considered that YOU can be the focal point for a community? 

By standing clearly in our power; by standing in our truth we can and do create community.  At first the thought of being the focal point for a community might seem selfish or self-centered, it might even be an uncomfortable thought to begin with, but with a little thought you might come to understand that rather than being selfish, creating community is a very giving thing to do; by creating community you are IN-powering others to be more of themselves. 

In the 7th grade I was assigned to infuse hot water with as much sugar as possible then suspend a string from the lid of the jar and close it up.  In a short time the dissolved sugar coalesced around the string in a crystalline formation.  The individual, dissolved sugar created a community around the string, creating a larger, more powerful association; one we might call rock candy.  This is exactly what you do as you stand in your integrity, stand in your faith, stand in your truth; you attract others who are dispersed, fragmentary and without definition to create something which can be more powerful than the sum of the parts.  

You are a powerful creator, more powerful than you have imagined. When you are clear in your love for others, clear in knowing that there is One Mind, One Heart, and that Love is all there is, you will attract others who feel the same way, and life will be so sweet.  Are you ready for that?

Think Believe Receive                                                             The Involved Observer