It brings me pain

If it brings you pain, why are you holding on to it?  “oh, i’m not holding on to it, it just is” you reply; but you are holding on to it, and you can let go of it without denying it is there,  it no longer has to cause you pain; unless you want it to.

When we are in pain we cannot grow, we cannot even heal from the pain because in pain our bodies and minds are in survival mode.  To heal and grow we must first find at least a glimmer of hope that the pain will stop, or can stop.  

Then the next question becomes; “if I let go of the pain, how will I define myself?”  If we have lived with a painful thought for some period of time it often becomes our story; our justification for living.  Letting go of the pain means we have to change our story about who we are.  Then we have the fear that if we  change our story we will no longer know who we are. I offer you this thought starter; you are a magnificent being who has a mission in this life; a mission to lift yourself and others to a higher level than the one on which you came into this life.  Yes, you can do this if you let go of the painful story, and the fear about having to re-define yourself.

Fear of change is one of the most powerful motivating factors in our lives, yet once the change has occurred, we wonder why we were worried about it in the first place.  All it takes is the determination to no longer be in pain.  Are you ready to be pain free?  Both of my books may help in this journey, I invite you to give them a chance.

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