I am the expression of new

Affirmations can be a powerful way to change our lives.  I use affirmations as a matter of course whenever I find myself speaking in limiting terms about myself, the traffic, the weather, another person, almost anything.

Change is another place where affirmations can be helpful.  I am the expression of new can be a very positive affirmation when we are called upon to institute a new program at work, change out living place or status, whenever change is upon us and gives us that little twinge of fear.  I am the expression of new as an affirmation frees us from those nagging doubts we have around change.  It was given to me by my friend Ashtar and he reminded me that at first it might feel foreign on my tongue, but as we begin to see new show up in our lives, it will begin to feel more comfortable.  As we move into change, into new, I am the expression of new will bring with it even more new, done more comfortably than ever.  Soon you will learn to attract the new you consciously wish to experience and you will step into the drivers seat of your life rather than being in the backseat wondering where you are going.  This is another expression of the phrase IN-powerment I use in my book It’s All About Me.  Give it a read and see if you can be the expression of new!   

The Involved Observer