Muck and Mire

Muck and Mire are what we call fear.  Muck and Mire are what we call gossip.  The result of blaming others for what we have or don’t have is also an example of Muck and Mire.  Just as we banished guilt the other day as having no place in our now, neither is there a place for muck and mire.

We have no place in our progress toward an IN-powered life for the garbage associated with fear.  Fear has many acronyms; in my book Think, Believe, Receive I actually have two chapters which deal with the power of fear.  If fear is one of the things driving your life, TBR might be an excellent book to read. 

Gossip is muck and mire which wears the clothes of respectability; after all, everyone gossips don’t they?  Well, no, everyone does not gossip, it just seems they do!  If you are feeling the muck and mire around your shoes maybe it is the residue of gossip.

And of that age old process of blaming others; muck and mire all the way!  You have heard the old phrase “mistakes have been made, blame will be placed.”  Just as with Guilt, if you have been wrong, own it, please don’t spread responsibility for your actions onto those who were no part of it.  Muck and mire!

All the work we do through these blogs is aimed at making us aware of where we are giving away our personal power, and how to re-claim our integrity.  If muck and mire have been part of your experience it is time to take a shower! Stand in your integrity, stand in your power!  Step out of the muck, lift your feet out of the mire, life will be so much easier and more rewarding.

Oh, and get a copy of Think, Believe, Receive to read before you shower! 

Think Believe Receive