Guilt is a cesspool

Guilt is a cesspool in our lives.  Guilt is junk in our garage.  Guilt is cement waiting to harden.  You would not go into your yard and jump into a cesspool.  We know the junk in our garage needs to be cleaned out, if for no other reason than so we can park our cars.  Would you really grab a chair, sit down, put your feet in wet cement and wait for it to harden?  No, no and no, so why do we so willingly wallow in guilt?  

If we have done something, which upon reflection, is not what might have been the best choice, all we can do is set our intention to choose differently next time. If we have indeed done wrong, a nicely worded apology to those who might have taken offense is also a positive step; but wallowing in guilt is useless.  Guilt is wishing we could change the past, and dear friend, that is something we have not yet been able to do to my knowledge.

Guilt is also a wonderful manipulation tool others will try to use to make us do something we would not otherwise be inclined to do.  (Mom guilt is the most powerful force on the planet.) 

So what is the perfect place for guilt once we have identified it in our lives?  In our rear view mirror!  Guilt drags us down and tries to pull us into the past and has no place in our place of power, which is now.

If you were wrong, own it and apologize, then move onward with the clear intention of not doing that again, and keep clear of the cesspool!

The Involved Observer