On Laughter

Laughter is the the heart smiling, isn’t that a lovely thought/feeling?  Look within  yourself when you laugh and see if your heart is smiling.  Almost certainly your heart will be smiling if it is true laughter. Laughter is known to help resolve many physical conditions, laughter lift spirits, and heals the spirit which has been damaged by lifes ups and downs.

Laughter spreads love too.  Laughter will put a skip in your step and allow our childlike nature to express itself.  It is through this emotional release of laughter we can grow.  When we are unable to laugh we are in a kind of metaphysical lock-down cell where survival is the best we can manage. Conversely, when we have laughter as part of our life, we are like magicians.  Laughter can take a smile and turn it into a grin magically.  Laughter can fan feelings of like into love, and then on into a relationship. Laughter takes the best of life and makes them larger, stronger, and more satisfying.

If any of these thoughts seem inauthentic to you, stopper a moment and ask yourself how you feel when you are depressed; is there a smile within a mile of your face when you are in the dumps?  Yet once a smile can morph into a laugh, all things become possible.  

And here is another way laughter is magical; when you laugh, you invite others to join in the laughter.  One laugh turns into many.

All this comes back to being an IN-powered person, a person who knows who they are, a person who wisely chooses where to invest their energy, and a person who goes through life knowing they are more than a collection of bones and skin.  

Have you shared a laugh today?


 The Involved Observer