What’s Your Focus?

Once again we have been offered the opportunity to focus our attention on fear for our personal safety.  Even if we are not traveling, or planning to travel to Europe or even if we have no idea where Brussels is located.  The images we are presented are so graphic, and our hearts go out to those injured or killed as well as their families.

The purpose, the only purpose of terrorism is to instill fear.  The most diabolical aspect of the type of actions which took place in Brussels is that there is no way to discern what might be a target and what the culprits might look like.  How can one defend themselves against so elusive a foe?  How can we protect ourselves from a threat which has no face?  We cannot.  What we can do is to turn our attention, our focus, away from fear; turn our energy away from the lure of living in the dread that at any moment something might befall us.  This is different from denial of what has happened.  It is different because the energy of fear generates even greater fear which results in even more fear.  You and I loose, the terrorists win.

We can be very aware that there are people out there who wish to harm simply to harm, but we do not have to walk around half expecting to be part of a tragedy such as we saw this week, and have seen before.  The most effective thing we can do is live our lives fully, aware of our surroundings.  When something looks odd, report it to someone who can do something about it, but why let our focus turn to dread of life and fear of what might happen?  We rob ourselves of our own life, and the bad guys don’t have to do anything else.  

That being said, What’s Your Focus, life or fear? Be the Involved Observer.

The Involved Observer